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Established in November 2018 and registered in Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing City with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, Aerospace Science and Microsystem Technology Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture of relevant professional units both inside and outside the United Nations, and a core unit of research, development and manufacture of chips and microsystems.

According to the company's own development needs, the following technical posts are now openly recruited, R&D designer posts according to the applicant's ability can be arranged for director designer, deputy director designer, director designer and other positions. The company will provide employees with competitive salaries and benefits. Later, it will be assigned to overseas training and further study. Currently, according to the actual situation of the company, the workplace is arranged in Nanjing headquarters or Beijing, Chengdu R&D center.

 I. Recruitment posts
1. R&D management positions:
Deputy Minister of R&D and Production
2. R&D positions
(1) Integrated Radio Frequency System Designer
(2) Skyfeed System Designer
(3) Designer of Microwave System (Microwave Chip)
(4) System Control Designer
(5) Structural Designer
(6) Microsystem Process Designer

    II. Basic Conditions of Applicants
1. It has high political quality, supports the Party's line, principles and policies, abides by national laws, regulations and relevant systems of the company, loves the aerospace industry, and has a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility.
2. Strong ability of organization and management, communication and coordination, handling complex problems and emergencies, pioneering and innovative spirit and strong market awareness.
3. Good professional accomplishment, law-abiding, honest, diligent, cooperative, honest and trustworthy, good style image and professional reputation.
4. Has good psychological quality and the physical quality which can perform the duty normally, does not have the bad hobby.

3. Job responsibilities and requirements:
(1) R&D management post
Vice-Minister of R&D and Production (Several and Long-term Recruitment)
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's professional and technical development planning;
2. Responsible for R&D management of the company;
3. Responsible for complex product demand docking, project demonstration, and responsible for organizing technical research and product development;
4. Be responsible for the process realization and production of products.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, working experience more than 5 years;
2. Generally, they should have the technical title of deputy senior or above.
3. Organized the development and production of major microsystems projects or served as the technical leader of systems and key subsystems.

(2) R&D positions
1. Integrated Radio Frequency System Designer (Several and Long-term Recruitment)
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for RF microwave system design, including RF microwave system link design, and responsible for writing the corresponding system, technical standards and specifications.
Job requirements:
Master degree or above, with microwave system planning ability, proficient in microwave system design simulation software, proficient in microwave system testing instruments, master radio frequency micro-system integration and process path, microwave and electromagnetic field related professional priority.
2. Tianfen System Designer (Several and Long-term Recruitment)
Job responsibilities:
Engaging in antenna design and development requires outstanding learning and cognitive abilities, independent thinking and problem solving abilities, team cooperation awareness and team leadership ability, ability to bear pressure and enthusiasm.
Job requirements:
Master degree or above, proficient in antenna unit, array simulation and design, proficient in antenna preparation process, proficient in antenna system testing, master antenna microwave system integration design and process path. Antenna design major is preferred.
3. Microwave System (Microwave Chip) Designers (Several and Long-term Recruitment)
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the design of low noise amplifier, mixer, filter, frequency synthesizer (module, chip); microwave circuit T/R module (chip set); solid-state microwave transmitter, solid-state microwave amplifier (module, chip); monolithic receiver, RF multi-functional chip design.
Job requirements:
Master degree or above, with microwave active and passive circuit design capabilities, proficient in microwave circuit design simulation software, proficient in microwave circuit testing instruments, microwave circuit (chip) process path. Majors in microwave, electromagnetic field and semiconductor physics are preferred.

4. System control designers (several)
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for microsystem signal processing, microsystem control and power circuit design.
Job requirements:
Master degree or above, with AD, DA, FPGA, ARM and other hardware circuit design ability, hardware description language and C language programming ability, proficient in digital circuit design simulation software, proficient in digital circuit test instrument, proficient in dc-dc circuit design and application. Electronic science and technology, power electronics related majors.
5. Structural designers (selected and permanently recruited)
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for microsystem overall structure design.
Job requirements:
Master degree or above in structural design, thermal and mechanical simulation and analysis, microwave microsystem structural planning, proficient in structural design and simulation software, heat dissipation and key structural materials. Structure related major is preferred.
6. Microsystem process designer (several and long-term recruitment)
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for microsystem integration process development and production process design.
Job requirements:
Master degree or above, with research and development ability of microassembly process and 3d integrated process, familiar with microsystem-related process technology and manufacturing process. Electronic packaging, assembly welding, automation manufacturing and other related professional.

4. Registration methods and requirements:
(1) Registration method
1. Applicants are requested to send their resumes by e-mail to the company's recruitment mailbox:
2. Mail headline form: "Name + Job Application".
(2) Recruitment procedures
Recruitment process is divided into registration, resume screening, interview, comprehensive inspection and other stages.
(3) Application Requirements
1. Candidates should elaborate on relevant information in their resumes as far as possible to avoid the impact of incomplete information on employment.
2. Candidate information and related materials should not contain confidential information;
3. The applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the application information and related materials. Any person who commits fraud will be disqualified from applying or hiring once it is verified.

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