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Directly hit the | aerospace science and industry exhibition group in Hanover to expand "circle of friends" on the international stage
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      During the Hanover Industrial Exposition in Germany, China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. made full use of this international stage to conduct intensive and extensive research, exchange visits, negotiation and promotion. It also actively engaged in business docking with international counterparts such as Siemens, Dresden Enterprise Delegation and so on, in order to seek deeper and broader international cooperation. For three consecutive years, the image, the depth of interaction and the heat of the exhibition are increasing year by year. The field of communication and cooperation is becoming more and more broad, and the results are more and more fruitful.


      During the exhibition period, space science and engineering further strengthened mutual learning, negotiation and exchange with international counterparts. On the morning of April 1st, Wei Yiyin, Vice General Manager of the Group, led the Aerospace Science and Industry Exhibition Group to organize and investigate the exhibition booths of leading international well-known industrial automation enterprises. On the afternoon of the same day, Wei Yiyin met with Mr. Deke Hilbert, Mayor of Dresden, Germany, and presided over the meeting at the Aerospace Science and Industry Exhibition. The two sides held in-depth discussions on a number of cooperative projects, and conducted interactive exchanges and cooperation in the development and application of frontier technologies such as 5G and add-on manufacturing.

     On the afternoon of April 1, Moscow Municipal Government delegation visited the exhibition booth of Aerospace Science and engineering, visited the exhibition project of Aerospace Science and Engineering in detail, personally experienced the smart card printing equipment, and highly praised the technical products of Aerospace Science and Engineering in intelligent life and social safety management.

      On the morning of April 2, wei yiyin led the aerospace science and industry delegation to hold strategic cooperation talks and exchange booth visits with Jan Mrosik, chief operating officer of Siemens digital industry group in Germany, to exchange their latest development achievements and cooperation ideas in the field of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing. This is the third time the two sides met in hannover exhibition on cooperation, customer oriented ecological system construction, information and network security cooperation, industrial infrastructure, Internet data center, offline intelligent manufacturing and upgrade project cooperation, standard, and design of collaborative manufacturing software cloud deployment and so on has carried on the further negotiations, both sides of the strategic cooperation further.

      On the afternoon of April 2, wei yiyin met with professor Reiner Anderl, academician of the German academy of engineering and vice President of darmstadt university of technology. Under the joint witness of wei yiyin and Reiner Anderl, skynet and the Dik school of darmstadt university of technology signed a memorandum of understanding on strengthening bilateral cooperation and exchanges. During the launch of INDICS international industrial Internet platform, the company issued employment letters to seven experts, including professor Reiner Anderl, and appointed them as "online think tank" experts of INDICS platform. Professor Reiner Anderl was there.

      During the exhibition, Frank Treppe, vice President of fraunhofer association and his delegation visited the aerospace science and industry exhibition booth to have an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral cooperation. Wei said that the aerospace science and industry has always been in an open attitude, from the perspective of international cooperation to strengthen exchanges and communication with fraunhofer agencies to enhance mutual understanding and establish cooperation channels. The two sides are highly complementary in technology and resources, and there is great potential and space for economic and technical cooperation. After consultations, the two sides reached consensus on further expanding cooperation areas and carrying out strategic cooperation at a higher level on the basis of existing cooperation with relevant research institutions.

     On the afternoon of April 2, wei yiyin led a delegation to meet with ji bingmeng, global vice President of SAP. The two sides reached a consensus on future in-depth cooperation. In the future, they will carry out strategic cooperation on providing integrated digital solutions and related products for large Chinese enterprises, group companies and numerous small and medium-sized enterprises through the aerospace cloud network industrial Internet platform and combining the advantages of SAP in cloud software.

      In addition, the affiliated units of aerospace science and industry have carried out commercial docking activities with mu-test company, Nidec company of Germany, aachen university of Germany, the first generation of ccpit in Germany and IWS institute of fraunhofer institute.

       During the exhibition, the aerospace science and industry held 8 special topics and 15 special promotion activities. Aerospace science and industry "based on the research and the wisdom of the AGV logistics system", space information "smart card printing solution", space cloud network company "new INDICS international industrial Internet platform, aerospace science and industry 2 hospital" to the state key laboratory of intelligent manufacturing complex products as the core of intelligent manufacturing capability ", the French aerospace science and industry belongs to AC company "smart manufacturing services solutions", space sanjiang "laser foreign body removal equipment, aerospace systems," "the rail transit equipment system for intelligent debugging line", guizhou aerospace "telecom/communications interconnect solutions" and so on one batch of technologies, products and solutions to get more fully The surface display and the promotion, has obtained the widespread high praise.

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