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Digital Decoding of China Aerospace Science and Technology Exhibition Hall Opened today at Hanover Industrial Expo, Germany
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German Hanover Industrial Exposition 2019

We're showing up again.

On April 1, 2019, the Hanover Industrial Expo officially opened in Germany. For the third time in a row, China Aerospace Science and Technology has made a brilliant appearance with the overall image of the enterprise. Following the theme of "Industry Integration-Industrial Intelligence", 47 project products from two major sectors of platform empowerment and innovation upgrading were exhibited. Through the way of "concept + scene", the industry Internet platform was able to empower traditional industries and promote them. Mature cases of dynamic transformation and upgrading, as well as a series of new technologies, new products and new applications acquired by China Aerospace Science and Technology Workers in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing with innovation and upgrading, deeply explain the theme of "Platform enabling industry upgrading through innovation".

One major platform: industrial Internet platform enables traditional industries and promotes transformation and upgrading

In this exhibition, China aerospace science and industry for the third consecutive exhibition of industrial Internet platform. Compared with the previous two exhibitions, the content of this exhibition is more complete, comprehensive, systematic and specific to show the traditional industries endowed by industrial Internet platform and promote the transformation and upgrading. Through the multimedia system display, the audience will be able to interpret the access ability, integration ability, platform operation ability and ecological construction ability of the platform. The core collocation of INDICS+CMSS will be demonstrated to construct and cultivate the cloud manufacturing industry cluster ecology based on the industrial Internet, as well as the practical results of facilitating the digital transformation and upgrading of modern manufacturing industry.

China aerospace science and technology corporation has presented a series of practical cases of industrial Internet platform application. With the abundant data, charts and images in the 9 screens, it presents the real and systematic operation of the model room of electrical connector intelligent factory jointly built by China aerospace science and industry corporation and Siemens of Germany. The intelligent manufacturing model room builds a set of collaborative manufacturing system of the whole value chain, effectively integrates the software and system of the upstream and downstream enterprises of the value chain, opens up the longitudinal link of each link of the value chain such as research and development design, resource planning and manufacturing operation, and realizes the data-driven flexible mixed production of multiple varieties and small batches.

In addition, the CST will also display cloud cases on the Siemens digital enterprise demonstration line based on INDICS. The case based on the finite capacity scheduling optimization technology, production line digital twins and other advanced technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing, operations, equipment and quality analysis, resource allocation optimization and production execution control, marketing and so on the whole industrial chain link, the embodiment of cloud manufacturing ecological integration scenarios, such as can be widely used in all kinds of manufacturing enterprises.

It is understood that the INDICS+CMSS industrial Internet platform, as a comprehensive industrial Internet platform for productive services, can provide intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing public services to users around the world. Gao hongwei, party secretary and chairman of China aerospace science and industry group, said that at present, it has been a global consensus that industrial Internet has become a new situation of manufacturing industry and economic development.

Since officially launched in 2015, through nearly four years of practice, the space cloud network has grown into China's national cross-industry interdisciplinary industrial Internet platform, the free service for all kinds of enterprises with pratt & Whitney and personalized value-added services, "the seven areas nine cities" in China to promote ecological ground cloud manufacturing industry cluster, has formed dozens of flexible production and intelligent application of collaborative manufacture practice case, promote the depth of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration.

At present, the international cloud platform of skynet has completed the construction of multi-language environment, and has developed and launched English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic and other foreign language versions, landing in many countries and regions. In 2018, China aerospace science and industry will take the lead in developing the world's first international standards for intelligent manufacturing service platforms.

Two sectors: technology, products and applications in various manufacturing sectors

In keeping with the theme of "industrial integration -- industrial intelligence", China aerospace science and technology industry participated in this exhibition with 47 project products from two major sectors, namely platform enabling and innovation and upgrading, focusing on the technologies, products and applications in a number of manufacturing fields.

Galleries can assign the "platform", by showing the Internet platform, Internet solutions, intelligent manufacturing, energy management, water management, etc., from the concept of platform and the overall architecture, to the niche product and solution project, step by step in-depth and detailed interpretation of present industrial Internet platform effectively support case, the application of intelligent control and digital transformation, the human and machine work key scenes.

Among them, COSIM, as a "treasure box" for the development of complex products, is an integrated and intelligent support platform for the modeling, development, simulation operation, evaluation and management of multidisciplinary virtual prototype in the whole life cycle of complex products.

Electric cable intelligent manufacturing software system (ECIM) provides the electric cable from design to manufacture the whole process of solution, which can realize efficient automation design, 3 d cable electrical drawings for collaborative design, electrical design and process design coordination, visualization of 3 d cable manufacture, can seamlessly with enterprise production management information system, realize the cable design, the production cycle of the digital control.

By displaying iot system, real-time embedded operating system, equipment monitoring and management system (yunzhitong + yunzhitong), etc., the industrial iot solutions applied in multiple fields are comprehensively displayed.

The intelligent manufacturing project of electronic products exhibited by AC company of France, a subsidiary of aerospace science and industry corporation, can achieve a high degree of automation, intelligence and flexibility. By self-application of this program, the quality level of automotive electronic manufacturing services of AC company is in the leading position in the world (PPM<2), and is highly recognized by customers all over the world.

Coal-fired power plant energy saving management system, in addition, by Finland Siemens motor for health management and digital operations, the thermal efficiency of the management system and platform of integrated water control case, show the China aerospace science and industry INDICS industrial Internet platform lifting equipment in the energy management and water management automation, digital and intelligent ability, the realization of data fusion and the business flow.

In the "innovation and upgrading" exhibition area, China aerospace science and industry showcased 22 advanced equipment, special materials and intelligent solutions developed in the fields of featured equipment, intelligent detection and monitoring equipment, new materials and technology, intelligent logistics and intelligent life.

Among the featured equipment, offshore artificial island oil and gas drilling rig is a large equipment used for oil and gas drilling operations on the artificial island established in the shallow sea area. It is suitable for large-scale oil and gas exploitation in the shallow sea and can greatly reduce the cost and risk of offshore oil and gas exploitation. As a kind of heavy special transportation equipment, the heavy-duty flatbed truck has a single load capacity ranging from 35 tons to 1,000 tons, and can be used in two or more parallel vehicles. It is widely used in shipbuilding, Marine engineering, petroleum engineering, aerospace, nuclear power, wind power and metallurgy fields.

In addition, intelligent logistics products such as agv-based intelligent logistics system, intelligent self-service terminal products such as smart cash register equipment, new materials and new process products such as additive manufacturing materials and applications are also exhibited in the exhibition, focusing on the technologies, products and applications of China aerospace science and industry in improving the production and life of human beings.

Third exhibition: from "debut" to "stride" to "focus"

From the "debut" of China aerospace science and industry in the Hanover industry expo in Germany in 2017, a total of 48 technological sectors including "intelligent manufacturing", "industrial Internet" and "equipment manufacturing" were exhibited. To China aerospace science and industry to further expand the scale of the exhibition in 2018, with "Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry" "intelligence and security" to "special equipment" "new material with industrial base" "green technology" five big technology companies a total of about 70 products and solutions, for the China aerospace science and industry to promote enterprise brand, promote products, enhance exchanges and cooperation projects provides a valuable opportunity to more of China aerospace science and improve enterprise's popularity and influence played a promoting role.

China aerospace science and industry in 2019 for the third straight time the enterprise overall image hannover messe in Germany, "focus" exhibition theme, selecting suitable projects, products and solutions on display at the exhibition site, planning the show form of lively, interactive, linkage, makes every effort to further show China aerospace enterprise image, and the ability of information exchange, resource sharing, collaborative, open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win "concept of development.

In this exhibition, China aerospace science and industry vividly demonstrated a variety of project products and solutions with nearly 20 rich video and dynamic PPT. In the interactive display, a series of smart card printing equipment on display with high quality print head, optimize the printing and card delivery control process, can achieve high-speed business card printing. Among them, the erasable printer can print the card surface information repeatedly, which is suitable for the card application of medical treatment card, toll card and other periodically changing information, and the single card can repeat erasable writing up to hundreds of times. Another heavy-duty smart card printer with industrial-grade design, can do a long time business card printing operations, providing high-definition color CARDS. Visitors can input facial information through the camera in the booth to experience different printing effects of different devices. Smart card printer has passed the domestic 3C, the European Union CE certification, equipment can be used in the instant card project, compared to the traditional business card printing method greatly shorten the business card printing time, suitable for convenient applications, improve efficiency.

During the exhibition, China aerospace science and industry linkage dozens of subordinate to the exhibitors in the exhibition hall of continuous, dense INDICS international industrial Internet products, based on the wisdom of the AGV logistics system and so on many promotional activities, and with the German Siemens company, dresden, delegation visits and cooperation of international business negotiation activities, such as helping study mutual learning and the economic and trade cooperation between enterprises.

Wei yiyin, deputy general manager of the labor party of China aerospace science and technology, said that China aerospace science and industry will participate again. Second, we hope to further spread the corporate brand image and cooperative development concept of China aerospace science and industry, and promote international users to more conveniently share the development results of China aerospace science and industry. Third, we look forward to strengthening international cooperation in industry, technology, economy and trade with elites from all walks of life to play a positive role in boosting world economic development.

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