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The new company unveiled today is a milestone.
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Chen guoying, deputy general manager of China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD., wang wenhai, general manager of aerospace development, together with Chen xemei, deputy director of the management committee of jiangbei new area, nanjing city, and wu dongyue, director of nanjing software park, jointly unveiled the micro-system company.

Microsystem Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded by Addsino Co.,Ltd with the joint investment of relevant professional units at home and abroad, the company is mainly engaged in the development and production of civil chips, devices, components and complex Microsystems, which are applied in the fields of 5G communication, satellite communication, smart city and Internet of things. The establishment of the company is a strong guarantee for the realization of the key equipment in hand. The company will take the direction of "realizing new functions, building new systems and promoting new business forms" to provide strong foundation support and capability guarantee for realizing the strategic goal of microsystem industry transformation and upgrading.

Chen guoying delivered a speech at the unveiling ceremony and pointed out that the establishment of Microsystems today marks a milestone in the in-depth implementation of civil science and technology innovation-driven strategy towards a new high point of technology. Microsystem companies should follow the trend, strive to seize the commanding heights of cutting-edge technology development and the middle and high end of the industrial value chain, constantly enhance the core competitiveness and strategic position, and make their own contributions to the realization of building a leading microsystem industry at home and abroad.

At the ceremony, the company signed a cooperation agreement with its partners.

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