Rroduct & Service

Core chip

GaAs, GaN, CMOS and other standard process lines can be used to design and develop low noise amplification chips, power amplification chips, phase shifter chips, attenuator chips and multi-function core chips. With experience in designing multiple core chips, they can be used in civil fields such as satellite communication. Typical products include Ku/Ka band silicon core transceiver chip, Ku band GaAs low noise amplifier chip and Ka band power amplifier chip.

The module

With its own research and design and specialized core chip with mature market, it has designed a number of modules for satellite communication, among which the typical products include power amplifier module with output power of 2W and power divider module, which can be used in satellite communication, point-to-point communication and other fields.


Committed to the car, ship, airborne satellite communication antenna design and research and development, in the civil field has been widely praised. Integrated with the fusion attitude measurement system, cone scanning peak tracking, carrier attitude solution, compensation algorithm and phased-array communication and other industry-leading technologies, it can ensure the stability and precision of the antenna against the stars in the case of large swaying of ships, severe turbulence of vehicles and high-speed flight of aircraft. The antenna has undergone strict environmental reliability test as a whole, and has strong resistance to salt spray, humidity, high and low temperature, high wind, rainfall and other harsh environments. With accurate and reliable vehicle-borne satellite communication system, users can communicate with the outside world by telephone and mail, watch wonderful TV programs, and obtain information through the Internet. It is the preferred equipment for maritime search and rescue, field work, match broadcasting, and maritime, land and air satellite communication.

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