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Automatic hole arrangement system of mine drilling machine


Through wireless communication, the drilling location of the mine drilling machine is distributed to the wireless terminal of the drilling machine. According to the foundation positioning signal and hole location, the drilling machine automatically finds the hole location and drills holes. After drilling, it uploads the hole depth and its own equipment status and other data to provide the original data, so as to avoid the work of field measurement of rockfill pile and acceptance after drilling.


Scheme composition

1. Intelligent terminal

The intelligent terminal receives the navigation signal from the ground differential station to locate, automatically punches holes according to the preset hole distribution position, and monitors and uploads the equipment status in real time.

2. Positioning signal base station

Through the construction of the base station network, one is to provide two types of services for the subsystem of the user system, the other is to provide non real-time high-precision positioning services, that is, the corresponding subsystem can get millimeter level precision position data through non real-time solution of the original data of the base station. The other is real-time high-precision positioning service, which broadcasts RTK differential data (1-5cm) through mesh network of reference station. Second, it can provide other users with the observation data download of the base station through the central server, so as to expand the availability of the system.

3. Ground control center

It mainly completes the data analysis and mathematical model calculation of drilling rig; exchanges the coordinates and coordinate system transformation of drilling hole position of roller drilling with the interface of geological survey and production system; transmits various data of drilling rig for statistical analysis for enterprise information system.

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