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Safety is the basis of the survival and development of a family and society. Intelligent security detection system is a powerful tool to prevent and combat crime and disaster accidents, and an important part of the comprehensive management of social security.

The intelligent security detection system refers to the system that takes precautions against the border of the area to be guarded, starts the alarm when the outsiders approach or cross the area to be guarded, and adopts the integrated solution of security radar and camera linkage. Compared with the way of using only camera, the radar can keep working normally without being affected in the weather conditions such as day, night, haze, dust, rain and snow. Airport, port, fish farm, station, power station, oil pipeline, prison, important buildings and other key areas, there is a huge demand for security market.

Security radar is a new technology rising in security market, and it is an important part of intelligent security detection system. The low-cost, high-performance and miniaturized detection and sensing radar will effectively improve the use performance of the intelligent security detection system and increase the market competitiveness of the project. MST company focuses on developing the market field of intelligent security detection system. Excellent detection and sensing radar will help MST develop the market and get market returns quickly.


Scheme composition

1. Multiple high-performance, miniaturized inductive radars: through the arrangement of multiple inductive radars to form a comprehensive coverage of the hidden network, close to the object for careful scanning, to achieve a full range of non dead angle security.

2. High resolution camera: place high-resolution camera facing open area or door and window position, monitor key area image in real time, and transmit it to control system for pattern recognition.

3. Control computer: pattern recognition of radar and camera input information, distinguishing people, animals and other objects, and different types of alarms for indoor or remote terminals through the Internet.

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